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Chris Branfield Book

Introducing Dentist, Dental Maverick and Published Author, Chris Branfield of Castle Park Dental Care

Humanitarian and crusader for pain-free dentistry, Chris Branfield, has written a book for all those fearful of seeking tooth treatments, as well as those who want to discover the latest amazing breakthroughs in dentistry, such as lasers!

“The key to good dentistry is making the time to talk”

“Dentistry: it’s a high anxiety, low trust environment and creates confusion. You have both NHS dentistry and private dentistry happening – and because there is a lack of trust people think dentists are just in it for the money. You may believe you can get everything on the NHS, but you can’t. There’s a lot of misunderstanding – and time is to blame. On the NHS treatment is target driven, if you spend the time you need or want your practice is going to collapse.

The key to good dentistry is making the time to talk to, and before that listen to people. Time to be patient and understanding; and to work at the pace that suits each individual. Everyone has different feelings, philosophies, wants, needs, expectations, and from an understanding of these you can start to build relationships, find solutions that fit each patient. No one size fits all.

True value in private dentistry lies in this personal component, but also coming up with the desired end result, not what has been prescribed without any pre-listening. Once we have established your trust, where you want to go with your treatment – and when, along with your fears and budget concerns, the clouds of confusion start to disappear. For me, dentistry has to be about two-way communication, also explaining what can and can’t be done while having the high skills required to deliver on the promise.” Chris Branfield

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Castle Park Book Launch - Introduction by Gill Fisher

Castle Park Book Launch - Author, Chris Branfield

Castle Park Book Launch - Cutting The Cake

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