Our 7-Step Exam

Everyone needs a dental MOT

Everyone needs a dental MOT to keep your oral health in tip top condition, and the Castle Park Dental Care practice in Cottingham aims to keep you smiling and eradicate bad breath.

We are very keen on prevention and empowering you to look after yourself through self efficacy after giving you Dental Health Personal Training and Coaching.

That is right, your own personal trainer in dental health. All treatment when necessary is tailored to individual needs, budgets and personal philosophies (that is one reason why we listen).

Dental exam

Step One

Listening attentively to your wants and needs including any problems such as pain, ugly teeth or bad breath. We can also overcome any anxiety you have about any treatment.

Step Two

Checking your jaw joint and jaw muscles to make sure it all works well with no stiffness or pain.

Step Three

Giving you an oral cancer check. This includes examining your glands and the lining of your mouth including your lips, cheeks, hard and soft palate, tongue and floor of your mouth. We check for any unusual lumps and bumps, ulcers or red/white patches that may indicate signs of oral cancer or other conditions.

Step Four

A full gum health screen to pick up on any gum disease. 

This is the most common cause of tooth loss but can be treated if caught early enough. Gum disease has been linked to cardiovascular disease and low birth weight babies.

Step Five

A full examination of your teeth and any dental restorations. Again, if dental decay is caught early enough teeth can be saved quite easily. This is more cost effective than losing teeth and then solving the problem of a gap! Ugly teeth or ugly discoloured fillings may be discussed with you.

Step Six

Taking X-rays of teeth if necessary to check out the foundations underneath that we cannot see. Dental decay is a sneaky beast and hides away under the surface. Other so-called special tests may be necessary as well.

Step Seven

Making sense of all of the above and explaining to YOU our findings and ways to improve things if necessary, including any relevant advice or treatments.

Gum Disease is the single biggest reason for tooth loss. It has been linked to cardiovascular disease, alzheimers and low birth weight babies. It is important to get this checked out and treated, not only to keep your teeth healthy but your general health and wellbeing as well.

We have trained with some leading UK specialists to deliver you the treatment necessary to save your teeth before it is too late.

Root canal treatment is routinely carried out to save your teeth. The team has studied with specialists in this field to develop the skills and knowledge and use state of the art equipment to offer you outstanding results. Our clinicians also accept referrals from other dentists for root canal treatment.

If you would like to find out more please give us a call today.

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