NightLase® Therapy

Snoring: a sign that your health might be at risk

The impact of disturbed sleep is no joke. Snoring could also indicate obstructive sleep apnea. This has serious health implications if left untreated. The reassuring news is that it’s easily and painlessly treated with laser therapy.

Fotona NightLase® is a gentle yet effective laser therapy to remedy snoring. It’s a safe and effective snoring solution – without the need for recovery downtime, anaesthetic or medication. No clumsy devices to wear while you sleep, so you – and your partner – get a full night’s rest and the energy you need to tackle the day.

NightLase® Therapy is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Pain free
  • Long-lasting
  • Completely safe

How NightLase® therapy works

The NightLase® treatment takes just 20 minutes and requires no anaesthetic or recovery time as it’s a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure.

You simply lie back while the laser gently and painlessly tightens the collagen at the back of your mouth. This prevents the tissue from vibrating as you breathe while asleep – so you stop snoring.

You’ll be in the safe hands of one of our skilled dental surgeons and can go straight back to work after the treatments. You’ll also be able to eat and drink normally afterwards.


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Your initial consultation may reveal that a mandibular advancement device or orthodontic options might be a better solution to help you stop snoring.

Find out answers to our most frequently asked questions relating to snoring treatments.

Snoring Solution Fees

Snoring Solution Fees Fees
NightLase® Assessment Fees: £286.00
NightLase® Therapy
Course of three appointments.
Fees: £1417.50
NightLase® Therapy
Additional session/s (per session).
Fees: £400.00
NightLase® Therapy
Top-up session at 6-12 months.
Fees: £450.00
NightLase® Review Appointment Fees: £95.00
WatchPAT Sleep Study Fees: From £210