Crowns, Onlays and veneers in a day

Same Day Dentistry

Castle Park Dental Care has invested in scanner technology to allow us to install crowns, onlays and veneers for patients across Hull and East Yorkshire in just one day.

Our computer can scan your teeth and very quickly design your crown, before we use our milling machine to create the crown or onlay.

We use porcelain and composite to make the tooth before adding glazing and staining to make them lifelike.

You can also rely on your veneer or crown being very strong. We cement the item in place in the afternoon, which means you don’t need a temporary tooth in the meantime.

A Bit More Background

These days, we have materials that we can bond onto teeth that get damaged
by decay or trauma. This is great because it means less tooth structure removal
to get a material to stay in or on the tooth. You can effectively put a lid on the
problem tooth with an onlay or overlay, rather than remove lots of your tooth,
to give your overall tooth more strength.

Tying It All Together

In days gone by, rebuilding teeth would involve impressions, sending to a laboratory, having a temporary restoration that may come off and waiting 2 weeks before fitting the final restoration.

With digital dentistry, we can now do these in-house, often within a couple of hours.

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