National smile month 2021

Hello again, I hope that you are safe and well. The sun has been out all week and it’s lovely. Makes it easier to smile!

Continuous learning has changed. Instead of gadding about all over the place it’s online now. It’s OK. It’s easier to organise, less time away, less expensive, less environmental impact, but it’s not the same. It just feels a bit lonelier I suppose than live group learning.

National Smile Month

From May 17th it’s National Smile Month. Organised by the Oral Health Foundation (, it’s about highlighting oral health and things you can do to improve it. There seems to be more and more scientific evidence than ever to show that good oral health has general health benefits and poor oral health is linked to cardiovascular disease, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even infertility.

Oral Health For All and “Teeth Are For Life”

The Oral Health Foundation is an independent charity (not for profit), dedicated to improving oral health and wellbeing around the world. For more than 45 years they have continued to provide expert, independent and impartial advice on all aspects of oral health directly to those who need it most.

They work closely with governments, dental and health professionals, manufacturers, the dental trade, national and local agencies, and the public to achieve their mission of addressing the inequalities which exist in oral health, changing people's lives for the better.

Formed in 1971, the concept of preventive dentistry and the benefits which could ensue from it were then very new and being practiced by only a small proportion of the dental profession. The founding fathers of the Oral Health Foundation wished to see the preventive message that 'Teeth are for Life' spread as widely as possible, with the aim of improving the overall oral health of everyone. Have a look at the website. There is a load of information and top tips. For National smile month there are features such as:

Rate my plate; Cleanse your cupboard; The Great British Brushathon; Sharing your smile around the UK; Oral health education for children and the Dental Buddy programme.

Close To Our Hearts

At Castle Park Dental we share the same ethos.  Minimally invasive, preventive dentistry is the core of what we do. Improve oral health, improve general health and wellbeing from physiological to psychological.  Also, with my work with Dental Mavericks charity we are in some small way trying address oral health inequalities (

Just Something To Share

When I find something good, I like to share. Well, my wife bought me some natural deodorant after a friend bought her some. People must think we stink. It’s all natural and loads of organic stuff, no nasties and alcohol free. It even comes in a cardboard thing so no plastic. It’s called ‘ku.tis. We bought ours from Beverley refill shop near the Angel pub. It doesn’t wreck your clothes and really does the job well as nobody has offered to buy me any deodorant since.

Until next time. Take care and be good.