Air Polishing stain removal

Air Polishing

We are pleased to offer you a fantastic addition to your regular scale and polish which will improve your teeth and your smile. 

What is Air polishing? We us a special hand piece, which carefully sprays a fine jet of compressed powder, air and water against the tooth surface. 

Restore your natural, bright smile with Airflow stain removal at Castle Park Dental Care.

By the end of your appointment, your teeth will be completely rejuvenated by this advanced cleaning system which brightens your smile and freshens your breath.

While traditional cleaning methods remove plaque from the tooth’s surface and gum-line, the Airflow cleaning system also eradicates stains and leaves teeth noticeably brighter.

Air polish stain removal
  • Cleaner, healthier teeth
  • Brighter smile
  • Restore the natural lustre and appearance of healthy teeth
  • Provides immediate desensitization upon application
  • Continued stain protection from foods, bacteria, coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco
  • Non-invasive procedure

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