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Same Day Dentistry

Same Day Dentistry

We can create a brand new, natural looking crown and place it for you all in the same day! Here’s Anna to explain how…


Why So Precious About Dentine?

toothDentine is the yellow stuff under the hard lighter coloured enamel on the surface of teeth.  It has tubes that lead to the pulp (nerve).  The more that is gone the weaker the tooth and the more chance there is of damage to the pulp (nerve) causing possible inflammation, pulp death and then infection.  Are you with me so far?

Think Of A Shoe Box

These days we have materials that we can bond onto teeth that get damaged by decay or trauma.  This is great because it means less tooth structure removal to get a material to stay in or on the tooth.  Now, with back teeth that are really broken down some sort of filling may not be strong enough.

This where the shoebox analogy comes in.  I was another course some time ago when a guy talked about it.

Imagine a shoebox with no lid. At this point the walls of the box are quite weak and if you stand on them they will cave in.  If you put a lid on it this gives real strength and you can stand on it or at least put a lot more force before it caves in.  Simple, but brilliant, I thought.

fillingSo The Solution To A Badly Broken Down Back Tooth?

Put a lid on it! This is called an onlay or overlay. Rather than remove loads more tooth like with a crown, save as much as we can, protect what is left with a lid and bond on to give more strength.

Here is a large filling with decay under it replaced with an onlay. It looks better and gives strength so is longer lasting.

Tying It All Together

In days gone by rebuilding teeth like this would involve impressions, sending to a laboratory, having a temporary restoration that may come off and waiting 2 weeks before fitting the final restoration. 

With digital dentistry we can now do these in house, often within a couple of hours.  No impressions but a digital laser scan, then design on a laptop, then Mill in a CAD Cam milling machine and sometimes (depending on the material) fire in a furnace.

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