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Dental Implants

Looking For Dental Implants?

End Denture Suffering! Replace Your Missing Teeth! Smile And Eat The Foods You Love Again With Confidence!

Tooth replacement that can change the way you eat and smile forever! Why continue to suffer from painful, ill-fitting dentures that are difficult, painful and embarrassing to eat with?

Unsightly gaps and denture problems can be treated using dental implants. This is now common place in our practice and the results are remarkable. Dental implants can really improve your quality of life, especially for denture problem sufferers or those who dread the thought of dentures when teeth are failing.

Discover More About Our Dental Implant Solutions

Why Have Dental Implants?

The number one reason is that they look and feel like natural teeth:

  • No difficulty eating and chewing
  • Speak clearly
  • Protect other teeth and bone
  • Straightforward procedure in most patients
  • Feel confident eating out in public again.

How To Finally End Denture Suffering And Missing Teeth Anguish! Download A Copy Of Our Free Dental Implants Guide Today And Discover How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Smile And Your Confidence.

We’re offering you the chance to receive a Complimentary Guide to Dental Implants which, reveals how you can finally put an end to denture suffering and missing and wobbly teeth.

Just released, our comprehensive new guide reveals advice on dental implants. And explains how to improve your smile, and move away from ill-fitting, irritating dentures that pop-up, gag you, fly out or get stuck when eating. 

Download Your Dental Implants Guide From Castle Park

Download Your Dental Implants Guide From Castle Park

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Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or a complete set of teeth or used to fix removable dentures very securely indeed to give you your confidence back. Implants can be used instead of bridges so that healthy teeth do not need to ground down.

Chris ‘Dr Smile Maker’ did his extensive training at St. Anns Clinic Manchester and at Sheffield University. He is also an active member of the Association of Dental Implantology UK. He receives referrals from other dentists for implants and other advanced restorative dentistry. The success rate at the practice is staggering.

What Type Of Problems Do We Solve?

Dental implants are the ideal solution for many people. During our many years we’ve helped people who had…

  • A single missing tooth
  • Many missing teeth
  • All teeth missing
  • Loose fitting dentures
  • Lost teeth caused by an accident
  • Lost teeth caused by gum disease


Click Here For A Free Dental Implants Analysis


This  fantastic, gold standard treatment is an affordable investment. Chris loves being an implant dentist and the dramatic life transformation that his patients can undergo. Please read our testimonials.

The Revolutionary Teeth In A Day Technique means you can go from denture or no teeth to fixed teeth in a day! Sometimes in an hour!! For dental implants in Hull give us a call.

Request A *Free Smile Audit With A Smile Advisor At Castle Park Dental

Free Smile Audit

At Castle Park Dental we are offering you the chance of a *Free Smile Audit. That’s right you can come along to the practice and meet our Smile Advisor Mel, where you can discuss the challenges you have with your smile.

  • A freshly brewed cup of  tea or coffee in our patient lounge
  • A relaxed and informal chat to discuss any concerns
  • An opportunity to meet our  team  and our promise that we will do our best to make your visit the most gentle dental experience of your life
  • A friendly face to really listen to your needs

 Usually valued at £97 but now FREE. 

*This is not a full patient examination

Please complete the form or call 01482848428

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